Operational Budget

The chart on the left illustrates the approximate overall expenses of the FLAG Flag Football league.

We are dependent on fundraising to run our league. The dues our players play only cover 49.7% of our overall operating cost. We are proud of the fact that our league is one of the most affordable of all the major gay sports leagues in Boston, but we need donations to keep the costs at such a low price.

In 2013, our league’s operating budget was $51,864 and we ended the year with a surplus. With a combination of fees, dues, and donations, our league saw $58,559. We were responsible with our budgets and we planned conservatively, meaning that we begin 2014 with $6,695 more than we anticipated. We plan on keeping some of this money on reserve and to use the rest to invest in our equipment, make play better and safer, and increase our presence in the community. We rely on your support and you can donate electronically to our league here.

We are grateful for our wonderful and generous sponsors. They can be found here. Thanks to our great sponsors!