2018 Spring Season Standings


American Conference

RankTeam / Captain(s)Jersey ColorWinLossTiePoints EarnedStreakOverall Record
1Mother Smuckers
Josh Koenig / Cadien Shaw
Purple611134 W8–1–1
2Elio’s Peaches
David Baggs / Tony Russo
Orange521111 L6–3–1
3RE(a)D 2.Hoe – The Red Hots
David Lopes
Red530101 W7–3–0
4I Don’t Think You’re Ready for This Kelly
Dave Richard
Kelly530102 W7–3–0
5Ball Hogs
Tony Ardolino / Matt Broderick
Pink44083 W5–5–0
6BluPaul’s Flag Race
Brad Badgley
Light Blue44081 L5–5–0
7Dark & Stormy Daniels
Michael Lucerto
Black35062 L5–5–0
8Biscuits ‘n’ Navy
Jamie Morley / Chris Serwacki
Navy26045 L4–6–0
9Gold Members
Andrew Shinner
Gold17024 L2–8–0

National Conference

RankTeam / Captain(s)Jersey ColorWinLossTiePoints EarnedStreakOverall Record
1X-Men, Lays of Fuchsia Past
Karl Ames / Dan Newell
Fuchsia800168 W9–1–0
2Royal-E Blue’Em
Ethan Sobel
Royal710141 L7–3–0
3Silver Daddy Issues
Bobby Gillenwater / Scott Williams
Silver530103 W5–5–0
4Toasted Texas Tightends
Josh Andreasen / Tim Harkins
Texas Orange530101 W5–5–0
5Boom, Boom, Boom, I Want You In Maroon
Mike O'Brien
Maroon44082 W4–6–0
6Lets Have a Key Key
Marc Smith
Key Lime35063 L4–6–0
7On the Brown-Low
Patrick O'Hern / David Tilleman
Brown35062 L5–5–0
8The Bleached Massholes
Robb D'Agostino
White17001 L1–9–0
Shigeo Iwamiya
Yellow080010 L0–10–0

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