2017 Spring Season Standings

American Conference

RankTeam / Captain(s)Jersey ColorWinLossTiePoints EarnedPoints PossiblePercentage of Points EarnedStreak
1 Mornin' Woods
Cadien Shaw
Force710141687.50%W 2
2The Librarians...Gurl, You've Been Re(a)d!
David Lopes
Red710141687.50%W 4
3Watch Me Whip, Watch Me Navaay!
Franny Morillo-Delerme
Navy530101662.50%W 2
4Bottomless Manmosas
Andrew Shinner
Orange530101662.50%W 1
5VioLit AF
Ryan Andaluz
Purple44081650.00%L 2
6On Saturdays We Wear Pink
Bobby Gillenwater/Scott Williams
Pink25151631.25%L 1
7The Goldmen Sacks
Marc Smith/Kevin Welton
Gold26041625.00%W 1
8Cash Me Ousside, Howbow' Blak
Duane Gosley
Black26041625.00%L 2
9The Kellyanne Conway Bowling Green Massacres
Jamie Morley
Kelly16131618.75%L 3

National Conference

RankTeam / Captain(s)Jersey ColorWinLossTiePoints EarnedPoints PossiblePercentage of Points EarnedStreak
1Royal Prince Alberts
Ethan Sobel
Royal710141687.50%W 4
2Dairy Kweens
Brad Badgley
White611131681.25%W 1
3Your Fuchsia Baby Daddies
Mike Lorrey
Fuchsia422101662.50%L 1
4Fake Red, Sad.
Karl Ames/Chris Serwacki
Maroon43191656.25%L 1
5Grey for Pay
Brendon Aue
Silver34181650.00%L 1
6Chick Fil'Gay
Tony Ardolino
Yellow34171643.75%L 1
7The Donald Dumps
Jon Richardson
Brown25151631.25%W 1
8The AlamHoes
Kory Wood
Texas Orange26041625.00%W 1
9United AirLimes Fight Club
Brian Gagne
Key Lime17021612.50%L 6

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Here is how the rankings are determined.

  1. Teams receive:
    • 2 points for each win;
    • 1 point for each tie game; and
    • 0 points for losses.
  2. The total points earned are divided by the total number of points possible.
  3. Teams are ranked by percentage of points earned.

What happens if two or more teams earn the same number of points?

If Purple and Brown both earned 10 points, then here is how the rankings are determined:

1. Head-to-head match up. If Purple played Brown and won, then Purple gets the higher seed. Simple.

2. Teams did not play against each other or game ended in a tie. The tie is broken by the highest-ranked team they have in common (with different outcomes). Purple and Brown did not play each other, but both teams played Coral. If Coral lost to Purple and beat Brown, then Purple earns the higher seed. If both teams had the same outcome against Coral, then the next highest-ranked team in common would be used.

3. If teams do not have any teams in common, or do not have any teams in common that resulted in different outcomes, then the seeding is decided by a simple coin toss. Dave Hamilton will do the coin toss in front of both captains involved and  randomly assign who is heads and who is tails.

We do not take points scored or points allowed into account because, as a recreational league, we do not want to incentivize running up the score in anyway.