2017 Fall Season Standings


American Conference

RankTeam / Captain(s)Jersey ColorWinLossTiePoints EarnedStreakOverall Record
1All Tree, All Shade!
Brad Badgley
Forest920184 W11–3–0
2Release the Quackin
Michael Lucerto
Yellow9201810 W12–2–0
3Active Bluety
Tim Walsh
Light Blue Camo821175 W11–2–1
4The Nights Watch
Brendon Aue/
Brian Carr
Black731153 W10–3–1
5Okay Navy Now Let's Get in Formation
Marc Smith
Navy632141 L7–5–2
Karl Ames/
Tony Pivero
Texas Orange740141 L8–6–0
7Tequila Mockingbird
Jon Richardson/
Tony Russo
Key Lime551112 L8–5–1
8Pray the Gray Away
Tony Ardolino
Silver47084 L5–9–0
9Gold Enough to Be Our Daddy!
Kathy Sutkowski/
Mike O'Brien
Gold37171 L4–9–1
10Teal It to My Heart
Chris Serwacki
Teal29046 L4–10–0
11Why? Oh...Cause We're Red!
Andrew Shinner
Red29041 W4–10–0
12Coral BEEF (We HAVE the Meats!)
Ryan Andaluz
Coral110028 L1–13–0

National Conference

RankTeam / Captain(s)Jersey ColorWinLossTiePoints EarnedStreakOverall Record
1May the Force Be In You
Ethan Sobel
Force1010201 W12–2–0
2White Water Shafting
Scott Williams
White920181 L10–4–0
3These Hoes Ain't Royal
Cadien Shaw/
Josh Koenig
Royal830161 L10–4–0
4The Package Handlers
Jason Muth/
Robb D'Agostino
Brown740142 W9–5–0
Bob Giannino
Maroon551112 W5–8–1
6Look What You Made Me Blue

Jamie Morley
Light Blue560101 W7–7–0
7The Lucky Shamcocks
Kevin Lalli
Kelly46191 W5–8–1
8The Flaming(h)os...Beach, Please!
David Lopes
Pink47081 W5–9–0
9Boys 'n' Berries
Mike Lorrey
Purple37175 L4–9–1
10Beet It
Tony Vaccaro
Fuchsia37171 L4–9–1
11Vitamin C-Men
Matt Lucerto
Orange38063 L3–11–0
12G.I. Glowsticks: Hop On
Dave Hamilton/
Dave Connelly
Yellow Green Camo38061 L4–10–0

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