Selection Process

In an effort to achieve transparency, below is a more in-depth description of the selection process used to choose Tournament Team leadership and the player selection process for each respective team.


Player Expectations

This year, more than ever, we want to take home ALL of the awards, so for those of you that do sign up, know that there will be a heightened expectation of commitment. There will be practice/conditioning, volunteering, fundraising, and scrimmaging requirements leading up to Gay Bowl. While participation is a big commitment that must be taken seriously, playing for one of the teams is also a GREAT opportunity for you to grow as a player, experience national level competition, develop unique connections with fellow teammates, and, most importantly, represent Boston and have one hell of a time doing it!

If you are interested in participating in Gay Bowl this year, please complete this form by Friday, April 13, to be added to the list of potential players. 

There will be a mandatory tournament team Open Play held on Sunday April 15 at Walsh Park. Time and details will be provided as the date gets closer.

Though our skill development sessions in March (see our home page for more information) are not official “tryouts” those that are interested in playing on a tournament team are highly encouraged to attend. It will give folks an opportunity to improve on their football skills and acumen as well as give them an opportunity to be seen.

Leadership Selection

Leaders from last year’s tournament teams met to discuss what strategies worked best and which did not. One thing that stood out was that it was effective to have a non-playing coach in addition to a captain on the field. Thus, it was decided that each team should have two leaders, ideally one non-playing coach or player who sees limited action, and one on-field captain. While many duties will be shared between the two leaders, including team selection, practice schedules, etc., it will be the role of the non-playing captain to act as the coach during practices and games. During competition, the non-playing captain will remain on the sidelines and be responsible for handling playing time, substitutions, and strategy.

When considering ideal candidates for the roles, the following were taken into consideration: tournament experience, football acumen, previous leadership experience, ability to make tough decisions regarding player performance and player selection, and individual commitment level.

We are excited to announce our Tournament Team leaders for 2018.  To date, the NGFFL has awarded Boston spots for three teams with the possibility of a fourth team being added. The leaders of our tournament teams at Gay Bowl XVIII in Denver will be:

  • Hancocks: Tim Walsh and Kim Herrig
  • Bulldogs: Tony Ardolino and Brad Uhlmann
  • Longfellows: Richard Moore and Jon Richardson
  • Team #4: Robert Saurer and Karl Ames

Team Selection

With an over-arching goal of sending the most competitive teams as possible to the tournament, all members of past rosters have been notified that there will be a different approach to team selection this year.

Attendance at the Open Play on April 15 is mandatory and it is each individual’s attendance and on-field performance that will carry the most weight in the team selection process. While there are active members of the board taking on the role of captain, the decision-making process and approach as to who makes each roster will be left solely to the discretion of the respective team captains, acting solely as captains. Each set of captains has been instructed that the creation of competitive, well-rounded teams should guide them in the selection process.

After rosters are announced, all teams will have the opportunity to reevaluate their rosters, allowing for changes to be made, if necessary, based on the performance and commitment shown by the individuals on each roster. A limited number of additions to the rosters will be permitted in the event that there are injuries or if new talent in the fall proves to be convincingly deserving of a roster spot that would result in a necessary enhancement of the team’s ability to perform.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Kim Herrig, Director of Player Development and Travel Teams at