All games during the 2019 fall season will be played at William G. Walsh Playground (967 Washington Street)

DateField 1Field 2Field 3 
8:30 amFuchsia vs. Pink
Teal vs. Red
White vs. Royal
9:30 amOrange vs. Light Blue
White vs. Texas Orange
Maroon vs. Royal
10:30 amTeal vs. Forest
Kelly Green vs. Pink
Fuchsia vs. Red
11:30 amMaroon vs. Yellow
Purple vs. Light Blue
Orange vs. Texas Orange
12:30 pmKelly Green vs. Silver
Navy vs. Forest
Gold vs. Black
1:30pmPurple vs. Black
Gold vs. Yellow
Navy vs. Silver
April 20—
8:30 amWhite vs. Maroon
Orange vs. Gold
Teal vs. Navy
9:30 amKelly Green vs. Gold
Purple vs. Maroon
Fuchsia vs. White
10:30 amOrange vs. Teal
Fuchsia vs. Navy
Purple vs. Kelly Green
11:30 amTexas Orange vs. Silver
Royal vs. Yellow
Pink vs. Forest
12:30 pmForest vs. Yellow
Red vs. Silver
Light Blue vs. Black
1:30pmRed vs. Light Blue
Royal vs. Texas Orange
Pink vs. Black
April 27—
May 4—
8:00 amRoyal vs. Silver
Yellow vs. Black
9:00 amRoyal vs. ForestLight Blue vs. Yellow
Texas Orange vs. Black
10:00 amPink vs. Red
Texas Orange vs. Light Blue
Yellow vs. Silver
11:00 amRed vs. Black
Pink vs. RoyalForest vs. Silver
12:00 pmPink vs. Texas OrangeWhite vs. GoldLight Blue vs. Forest
1:00 pmPurple vs. White
Fuschia vs. Orange
Kelly Green vs. Navy
2:00 pmMaroon vs. GoldKelly Green vs. TealFuschia vs. Purple
3:00 pmMaroon vs. NavyTeal vs. WhitePurple Vs. Gold
4:00 pmOrange vs. NavyTeal vs. Maroon
May 10—Friday Night Lights @ ROBERTS PLAYGROUND
7:00 pmOrange vs. MaroonFuschia vs. KellyWhite vs. NavyPurple vs. Teal
8:00 pmOrange vs. KellyFuschia vs. GoldRed vs. YellowForest vs. Black
9:00 pmPink vs. SilverRoyal vs. Light BlueRed vs. Texas Orange
May 11—
8:30 amPink vs. Light Blue
Black vs. Silver
Red vs. Royal
9:30 amTexas Orange vs. Yellow
Red vs. Forest
Light Blue vs. Silver
10:30 amRoyal vs. Black
Pink vs. Yellow
Texas Orange vs. Forest
11:30 amFuchsia vs. Teal
Navy vs. Gold
Orange vs. Purple
12:30 pmKelly Green vs. Maroon
Orange vs. White
Teal vs. Gold
1:30 pmPurple vs. Navy
Fuchsia vs. Maroon
Kelly Green vs. White