All games during the 2018 fall season will be played at William G. Walsh Playground (967 Washington Street) and Dorchester Park (2180 Dorchester Avenue) in Dorchester.

Download a copy of the schedule here.


Field 1Field 2Field 3Field 4Field 5
September 22nd—OPENING DAY
8:30 amFuchsia vs. BlackOrange vs. YellowRed/Royal Camo
vs. Pink
Gold vs. Silver
9:30 amPurple vs. YellowKelly vs. Light BlueBrown vs. ForestNavy vs. White CamoWhite vs. Coral
10:30 amTeal vs. Light BlueMaroon vs. SilverOrange vs. RoyalNavy vs. BlackRed/Royal Camo vs. Red
11:30 amPurple vs. TX OrangeFuchsia vs. Key LimeKelly vs. ForestGold vs. RedForce vs. Pink
12:30 pmWhite vs. Key LimeBrown vs. White CamoMaroon vs. TX OrangeForce vs. RoyalTeal vs. Coral
September 29th
8:30 amCoral vs. TX OrangeForce vs. FuchsiaWhite vs. NavyRoyal vs. Silver
9:30 amRed/Royal Camo
vs. Purple
Key Lime vs. PinkMaroon vs. TealRed vs. Light BlueBrown vs. Orange
10:30 amTX Orange
vs. White Camo
Red/Royal Camo
vs. Gold
White vs. FuchsiaRoyal vs. BlackSilver vs. Coral
11:30 amForce vs. OrangeYellow vs. ForestPurple vs. NavyKelly vs. BrownPink vs. Light Blue
12:30 pmYellow vs. White CamoMaroon vs. GoldRed vs. ForestKey Lime vs. BlackTeal vs. Kelly
8:30 amMaroon vs. ForestWhite vs. White CamoFuchsia vs. RoyalOrange vs. Red
9:30 amPurple vs. CoralKelly vs. PinkRed/Royal Camo
vs. Light Blue
Force vs. Black Gold vs. Yellow
10:30 amWhite vs. OrangePink vs. CoralTeal vs. TX OrangeBrown vs. SilverNavy vs. Key Lime
12:00 pmYellow vs. BlackMaroon vs. FuchsiaRed vs. White CamoTeal vs. BrownRoyal vs. Forest
1:00 pmPurple vs. KellyKey Lime vs. Light BlueForce vs. GoldSilver vs. TX OrangeRed/Royal Camo
vs. Navy
October 13th
8:30 amYellow vs. RedKelly vs. GoldCoral vs. ForestRed/Royal Camo vs. Teal
9:30 amBrown vs. NavyWhite Camo vs. BlackForce vs. MaroonWhite vs. PurpleTX Orange vs. Light Blue
10:30 amOrange vs. GoldCoral vs. BlackYellow vs. RoyalRed vs. PinkTeal vs. Purple
11:30 amTX Orange vs. ForestForce vs. WhiteKey Lime vs. SilverMaroon vs.
Red/Royal Camo
Kelly vs. Fuchsia
12:30 pmRoyal vs. Key LimeNavy vs. OrangeSilver vs. PinkBrown vs. FuchsiaLight Blue vs.
White Camo
October 20th
8:30 amRed vs. SilverKelly vs. NavyMaroon vs. OrangePink vs. TX Orange
9:30 amWhite vs. GoldKey Lime vs. ForestPurple vs. FuchsiaForce vs.
Red/Royal Camo
Royal vs. White Camo
10:30 amPink vs. ForestKelly vs. OrangeYellow vs. SilverTX Orange vs. BlackCoral vs. White Camo
11:30 amPurple vs. BrownRoyal vs. Light BlueWhite vs. TealMaroon vs. NavyRed vs. Black
12:30 pmBrown vs. GoldForce vs. TealCoral vs. Light BlueYellow vs. Key LimeRed/Royal Camo
vs. Fuchsia
October 27th
8:30 amForce vs. YellowRed/Royal Camo
vs. Key Lime
Teal vs. SilverPurple vs. Pink
9:30 amGold vs. BlackBrown vs. TX OrangeWhite vs. RedPurple vs. White CamoNavy vs. Light Blue
10:30 amRed/Royal Camo
vs. Silver
Force vs. RedFuchsia vs. ForestMaroon vs. Key LimeTeal vs. Pink
11:30 amKelly vs. CoralGold vs. Light BlueFuchsia vs. YellowWhite vs. RoyalOrange vs. Black
12:30 pmNavy vs. ForestBrown vs. CoralKelly vs. TX OrangeOrange vs. White CamoMaroon vs. Royal
November 3rd
8:30 amPurple vs. OrangeForce vs. BrownPink vs. White CamoRed vs. Key Lime
9:30 amRed/Royal Camo
vs. Kelly
Fuchsia vs. OrangeForest vs. BlackTeal vs. NavyYellow vs. TX Orange
10:30 amForest vs. White CamoSilver vs. Light BlueFuchsia vs. GoldKey Lime vs. CoralForce vs. Navy
11:30 amRed vs. TX OrangeMaroon vs. PurpleYellow vs. Light BlueWhite vs. BrownRoyal vs. Pink
12:30 pmMaroon vs. KellySilver vs. BlackTeal vs. GoldRoyal vs. CoralWhite vs.
Red/Royal Camo
November 10th
8:30 amNavy vs. FuchsiaPink vs. BlackSilver vs. White CamoWhite vs. Kelly
9:30 amTeal vs. FuchsiaRed vs. RoyalRed/Royal Camo
vs. Orange
Purple vs. GoldKey Lime vs. TX Orange
10:30 amWhite vs. MaroonYellow vs. PinkForce vs. KellyNavy vs. GoldSilver vs. Forest
11:30 amLight Blue vs. BlackMaroon vs. BrownRoyal vs. TX OrangeRed vs. CoralKey Lime vs.
White Camo
12:30 pmForce vs. PurpleLight Blue vs. ForestRed/Royal Camo
vs. Brown
Teal vs. OrangeYellow vs. Coral