Registration is currently: CLOSED.

General Registration for Fall 2021 will begin at 7PM on Monday, August 9th. Registration for our league requires the creation of a SportsEngine account. We STRONGLY recommend you do this BEFORE Registration starts. To create a SportsEngine account go to and in the upper right corner click on ‘Sign In’. If you do not already have an account you will be instructed here as to how to create. one. If you wait until 7PM on Monday night to create your SportsEngine account, it is likely that your Registration will be delayed – putting you at risk for not registering in time. We recommend that you are logged into SportsEngine on a separate tab at the time you are Registering for FLAG Flag Football. We also recommend that you use Google Chrome as your browser to register as this application appears to have the fewest issues.

When we reach the full amount of allocated players, we will close the General Registration form. We understand that this may be frustrating for those who might be in the process of registering when that happens. At 8PM, on Monday, August 9th, we will open a 2nd registration link for the Fall 2021 waitlist.

Please note that as we have done in previous years, we will manage the ratio of returning players to new players in favor of returning players to ensure we have enough experienced players to successfully run the league, while also providing an opportunity for new players to participate.



Please stay up-to-date with us by following us on social media: Instagram (@FLAGFlagBoston), and on Facebook (@FLAGflagfootballboston).

If you have any questions about registration, email