Operational Budget



The charts above illustrate the historical operational expenses and income sources* of the FLAG Flag Football league. We are proud that FLAG Flag Football remains one of the most affordable of the major LGBT sports leagues in Boston at a reasonable player fee of about $10 per game.

We rely on fundraising to operate our league. Player fees cover only 65.7% of our total league operating costs*. Player fees contribute to a variety of operating costs; some of which include: a uniform shirt, field equipment, referees, storage fees, sanitation costs, and league-wide events.

In 2017 our league’s operating budget was $73,590. With a combination of fees, volunteer hours, in-kind donations, sponsorships, and restricted donations, our league raised $103,889. More than half of the surplus raised was generously donated with an earmark to be used by the new Marc E. Lewis Youth Scholarship Fund and Youth Outreach efforts. The unrestricted surplus will be reinvested back into the league. Some uses include: replacing broken equipment, making play better and safer, and increasing our presence and contributions back to community efforts.

The FLAG Flag Football Board of Directors is entirely comprised of dedicated volunteers that commit and donate their time year-round to operate the league and to meet its charitable mission. We also fundraise and rely on a variety of player, business, and community donations to keep the league operating, raise awareness and support our community outreach efforts. We ask you for your support to pledge a donation today to our league here.

We are grateful for our generous community sponsors listed here. Thank you to our great sponsors!

If you, your employer, or other business contact is interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact our Commissioner, Tony Ardolino here.


*Please note donations/sponsorships and expenses related to Travel Teams are not included in any of the financial data above. Travel Teams fundraise for their efforts to send the best teams to compete annually in the Gay Bowl tournament. In 2017, Gay Bowl/Travel Teams fundraised almost $8,000 exceeding their expenses. This surplus is earmarked to support the future efforts of Travel Teams.