Inclusion Policy

FLAG Flag Football is committed to embracing the values of diversity and inclusion in order
to achieve and sustain the community that we have built. We firmly believe that we can best
promote excellence by tackling stereotypes, building community and transforming lives through
the sport of flag football. Understanding the climate of diversity, inclusion and excellence is
critical to maintaining our mission and meeting our strategic goals within the LGBTQ+
community. We further recognize that the responsibility for upholding these values lies within
all members of our football community.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion across many dimensions (including but not limited
to race, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation) aligns closely with our values and
missions and is reflected within our activities both on and off the field. Diversity and inclusion
is sponsored and embedded at the highest levels of our organization but are not limited to
leadership and are shared by all that choose to engage within our community.  We understand
that implementing these values at our highest levels will fuel opportunities for FLAG Flag
Football to support positive engagements within all our communities and fuel innovation towards
diversity. FLAG Flag Football is committed to ensuring that diversity is upheld in everything
that we do for our members and community.