Board Spotlight

Board Role/Title: Director of Marketing & Communications

Years Served and in What Capacity: approximately 0.25 years

Why Do You Serve on the Board: I serve on the Board in an effort to try to give back a little to a league that has given so much to me.

Year You Joined the League: 2011

Favorite Position (in flag football): cheerleader [Editor’s Note: but he can usually be found receiving since he is historically chosen about two rounds higher than he should be. Proudly, he holds the record for most losses in two consecutive fall seasons].

Championships: Whitey Bulges Spring 2014!

Favorite League Memory: Paul Santos stealing and ripping Cadien Shaw’s copycatted Nikki Minaj life-size cardboard cut-out in half. Ask me for the video.

Most Memorable Team/Team Name (That You Were a Part Of): Impossible to choose. Rebecca Black Fridays, Turn Me Onyx, Whitey Bulges, Nickel Minaj, Fuschiarama, Mother Fuschias, VersaTeals, Naughty Pines, and every tournament team.

What Do You Do for Work: I work in marketing for a content marketing tech startup.

Neighborhood You Live In: Back Bay but soon to be South End (haaaaaaay Jon Richardson!)

Where Are You From/Where’d You Go to School/College: I am from a small town in West Texas (George Bush country) and I went to the University of Texas, Austin.

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football: I travel, a lot.

Something Interesting About You: I have an identical twin brother.

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You: Friendly, hungry, sarcastic.

Two Truths and a Lie: I have a mole on my back that’s in the shape of a Jewish star; I met my biological father for the first time last year; My mom misplaced my twin brother and I when we were babies and couldn’t tell us apart. He actually might be me and I actually might be him.

Something You Want the League to Know: I don’t have a Jewish star mole on my back.


Board Role/Title: Director of Volunteerism

Years Served and in What Capacity: This is my first year serving on the Board and I am the Director of Volunteerism.

Why Do You Serve on the Board: I’ve seen all the good we do as an organization and I wanted to take credit for it. (Just kidding!) I wanted to give a voice to those like me in the league and it’s very rewarding to work as a team on a shared vision.

Year You Joined the League: 2011

Favorite Position (in flag football): Corner

Championships: None yet.

Favorite League Memory: Too many to choose from but probably the Team Ski Trip we took in 2012…

Most Memorable Team/Team Name (That You Were a Part Of): Rebecca Black Fridays. You always remember your first.

What Do You Do for Work: Interior Architect

Neighborhood You Live In: Dorchester

Where Are You From/Where’d You Go to School/College: I am from Arlington, Massachusetts and went to Arlington High before attending the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football: I have been known to partake in karaoke with varied success.

Something Interesting About You: My pinky toenails grow vertically.

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You: Non-judgmental, funny, and wise

Two Truths and a Lie: I was class president; I’ve knit caps for cancer patients; I crashed my parent’s car into my grandmother’s car.

Something You Want the League to Know: I really am a good driver.


Board Role: Commissioner

Years Served and in What Capacity: I have served a total of 6 years on the board. I came on to the team in 2011 as Registrar & Clerk and then we quickly realized I am not the guy you want taking notes in a meeting; so, in 2012, I switched gears towards the play aspect of our organization. I assumed responsibility for our tournament teams and field operations for one season and then, in 2013, I became our official city leader and liaison to the NGFFL and was elected Assistant Commissioner, supporting Dave Hamilton. I served in that role for four years, allowing me to support a variety of functions including captains, events, and sponsorships.

Why Do You Serve on the Board: I serve on the board because it is my way of giving back and saying thank you to an organization that I will forever be indebted to. I joined one year after college with just a few gays friends and now, ten years later, I am part of a community that I never even imagined could exist. I am so thankful for all the incredible memories and meaningful relationships I have enjoyed within this community. It has been simply amazing to watch this league mature over this past decade, evolving from a small group of men and women playing flag football on Saturdays to a prospering non-profit featuring two seasons with 300+ players, over 1,200 volunteer hours served per year, and numerous outreach programs that help make sports safer and more inclusive for LGBTQ youth. I am so proud to have played a part in that transformation and I remain motivated to serve because I believe that we are a powerful community who can accomplish so many more wonderful things together.

Year You Joined the League: 2007

Favorite Position (in flag football): Safety [Editor’s Note: except for when he is getting beat by Tony Ardolino on the final play of the Rosie Bowl].

Championships: Rosie Bowl Champion, Come on Eileen’s with David Lopes (2014); Superfabulous Bowl Champion, Royal Blukakkes with Tim Walsh (2014)*, Youth Field Day Champion (2014-2015). *Please note, I believe I was the only player in league history to win both titles in the same year until 2016, when (of course) Trevor Woodworth joined the elite ranks after back-to-back wins with Kathy Sutkowski and Ryan Black/Tony Ardolino. As of today, we are the only two players in our community to hold such prestige.

Favorite League Memory: I have thousands of memories over the ten years that I have been in the league, so to pick just one is almost impossible… BUT, I guess I will go with the most recent, and clearly one of the sweetest for me, which has to be knocking out Franny’s Royal Blue Barbie-whatevers in the semi-finals… in double overtime… as the entire league watched our game. My favorite part of this league is the relationships I have made and there is nothing better than competing hard against some of your best friends and leaving nothing behind on the field to then hug it out and respect each other’s efforts. It was also pretty sweet to shut Mikey Stef up. :)

Most Memorable Team/Team Name (That You Were a Part Of): I would have to say I was most proud of my team name in 2010 when I played on Craig Burns’s red team, Blood Bath & Beyond! I thought it was such a funny name and was under recognized… Get it? BLOOD Bath & Beyond? For my most memorable team, I would have to say it was Baby Blue in the fall of 2015, when Karl Ames took a chance on me as a starting QB. The league was in desperate need of quarterbacks, and some new people had to step up and throw. I offered to try my best and despite the major risk, he trusted me to lead his offense. QB’ing in this league was a humbling experience because, historically, I always played receiver and I had no idea how much stress and pressure comes with taking the snap week after week, not to mention when your top receiver (Jasper Pray) goes down after Week 1 with a pulled hamstring. Karl’s belief in me afforded me the opportunity to learn a ton more about the sport I love so much. As a result, I appreciate my QB’s much more for what they are able to do so well. I will never forget that opportunity and feel as though, because of it, I have become both a better player and leader on the field.

What Do You Do for Work: I am the Director of Sales for an International Travel Company.

Neighborhood You Live In: South End

Where Are You From/Where’d You Go to School/College: I am from Braintree and went to college at Boston University (2006).

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football: I absolutely love to travel whenever I can. From African Safaris and cruises in the South Pacific, to impromptu trips to NOLA or Montreal, I will go absolutely anywhere to seek out new adventures and make memories with both friends and family.

Something Interesting About You: I have been to six out of seven continents (can’t wait to get to Antarctica) and close to 40 countries around the globe; my favorite place on the planet is East Africa.

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You: Loyal, thoughtful and fun.

Two Truths and a Lie: I had my tongue pierced in college; I have met Ellen DeGeneres; I have 31 first cousins.

Something You Want the League to Know: Thank you. I want the league to know that I am so appreciative for the memories and opportunities this organization has created for me and none of that would be possible without the incredible men and women that actively work at making this community so special. I would also like the entire league to know that as Commissioner, I believe my role is simply to help facilitate and execute on the hopes and wishes of our players; if you have an idea you would like the league to try or constructive feedback on something we can improve on, please reach out to me directly so I can learn more and assure the board of directors are focused on the right things.


Board Role/Title: Director of Tournament Play

Years Served and in What Capacity: This is my 2nd year on the board as director of tournaments and I am also part of the Gay Bowl events committee.

Why Do You Serve on the Board: I had been playing in the softball and tennis leagues, and while I thoroughly enjoyed both, neither made as big of an impact on my life as football did. FLAG Flag has added so much to my life, that after three years of playing, I wanted to do my part to give back in whatever capacity I could to make sure others experienced the same life changing aspects of the league that I did. Also, that was the best/easiest way for me to get a bunch of y’all on stage in wigs n heels!

Year You Joined the League: 2013… how could I forget that year, Serena won her fifth US Open, and Queen B dropped the Beyoncé album. I remember always seeing a bunch of muddy hotties kicking it at Fritz, what is now Trophy Room, after games and I knew I needed to be part of it. I started my first fall season on the waitlist until David Lopes became my first captain due to a string of injuries on the S.M.U.R.F.S. I got to join Papa Smurf (Lopes) and Pocket Smurf (M. Stef), and had a blast. I didn’t have a team jersey, so I cut up a blue t-shirt that I had, and that was the birth of my FLAG journey and the crop top look.

Favorite Position (in flag football): Good thing you clarified, cause who limits themselves to just one? I think it’s a toss up betwixt (1) seeing what’s open on the field and making the connection as QB and (2) making those highlight reel catches as a wide receiver. They both compliment one another. Although I do LOOOOVE playing defense too. How do you choose just one?

Championships: I’ve actually been to every championship since joining the league…and had a fantastic time on the sidelines watching all of them (insert sad face emoji).

Favorite League Memory: I mean, the ExDragvaganza was pretty quiche/fierce/EPIC! A bunch of athletes + wigs + heels – dignity = one hell of a time. Gave me all the life I needed! I’m already looking forward to the next one and have been counting down the days since I peeled off my lashes! Lol.

Most Memorable Team/Team Name (That You Were a Part Of): Craig Haas’ Goldenrods. That year, I played in the Rosie Bowl tournament with gold lipstick and in a pair of teeny-tiny, barely there, gold booty shorts… and the hair to match! I slayed of course! Lol. I had such an amazing experience playing receiver for Haas! I learned a lot from him as a receiver and he inspired me to want to become a quarterback.

What Do You Do for Work: Currently, human recourses at the Globe.

Neighborhood You Live In: I’ve lived within a six block radius in the gayborhood/South End since I’ve lived in Boston. Don’t judge.

Where Are You From/Whered You Go to School/College: It’s a bit of a story. I’m a southern boy at heart. I was born in Houston and moved to Miami when I was 3 until I was 14. From there, me and my mom packed it up and moved to her hometown, NOLA, a.k.a The Big Easy, a.k.a the Crescent City, where I went to high school and college at Tulane, before transferring to Emmanuel College after that little sun shower named Hurricane Katrina.

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football: I am a bit of a tennis NERD! If it’s warmer than 55 degs and not raining, I’m most likely trying to get on a court. If it’s on the tele, I’m watching. If it’s on and I’m not home, I’m using up my data watching on my cell. For those of you who don’t follow my snapchat, you should, I’ll wake up at 4am ESPECIALLY if Venus or Serena are on. Don’t judge.

Something Interesting About You: I lived in Rome, Italy for a year where I taught English to kids in elementary school. Get me tipsy and I can have a decent conversation in Italian.

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You: The. Best. EVER!!!

Two Truths and a Lie: I can throw down in the kitchen; I’ve never been to Disney World; I auditioned for American Idol.

Something You Want the League to Know: If you’re ever face-to-face with me, I’m NOT wearing makeup and didn’t get sucker punched in the eye. It’s my birthmark. I LITERALLY woke up like this!


Board Role/Title: Director of Sponsorship and Fundraising

Years Served and in What Capacity: This is my first year serving on the Board.

Why Do You Serve on the Board: Flag football has always played an important role of my life. After being a captain for the first time, I realized that I was capable of making meaningful change and I saw that I was able to help facilitate positive experiences for some of the new players coming into the league. As a board member, and with the team we have, I know we can grow these experiences and provide added amenities we’ve never had before.

Year You Joined the League: 2008

Favorite Position (in flag football):  Block Release/Slot

Championships: None.

Favorite League Memory: First year of football, clinic day…  showing up to M Street fields, feeling nervous, and not knowing any one – everyone was a stranger. By the end of the day, you were everyone’s friend.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Most Memorable Team/Team Name (That You Were a Part Of): Plum Dumpsters

What Do You Do for Work: I am a Project Manager for Design-Build Company (high-end residential), though players in the league know me as a Chef and Sommelier.

Neighborhood You Live In: South End

Where Are You From/Where’d You Go to School/College: I am originally from Carver, MA (go Crusaders!), and went to Syracuse University and Temple University (go Orange and Owls!)

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football: I love DIY projects – sometimes I feel like they created the Food Network and HGTV just for me.  I love to use my hands – I just want to make stuff.

Something Interesting About You: I have this unhealthy obsession with tattoos (as well as guys with tats, woof!) I was supposed to get a small shoulder piece and 18 hours later, I had a ¾ sleeve.  If you are lucky, I will show you my hidden ink. ;) In lieu of the traditional captain gift of funky socks, I made sure my whole team had tattoo sleeves. Not that they needed any help, but the Shock Tops instantly became the sexiest bitches in FFF history (#ShockTops4Lyfe). 

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You:  Passionate, loyal (to a fault), intense.

Two Truths and a Lie: I once worked for a company that designs food processing machines – we designed the machine that created Hot Pockets and injects KFC chicken with the 11 herbs and spices (you’re welcome); I interviewed for Food and Wine Magazine to help people find a cheap bottle of wine for shitty Chinese takeout (again, you’re welcome); I was the one who slept with Julien Edelman and posted the pic of my conquest on Tindr (But Amendola was much better in bed; just saying).

Something You Want the League to Know: Jameson shot with a High Life chaser is called a Happy Meal; Cool Ranch Doritos with Frank’s Hot Sauce is the best drunk food ever; the Ultimate Warrior was the best professional wrestler of all time; when you are cooking and you feel like it is “missing something,” the answer is salt; pink flamingo lawn ornaments were invented/first manufactured where the Gay Bowl is being played this year; pray you’re never on Robert Saurer’s team – you will never win a league championship; despite the way the Food Network portrayed me, I CAN make a burger (I swear)!


Board Role/Title: Director of Captains

Years Served and in What Capacity: Rookie to the Board

Why Do You Serve on the Board: Flag football has made coming out as a gay man in Boston so much better! I joined the Board to make sure all players understand the league is not only about winning football games but also about forming lasting friendships.

Year You Joined the League: Fall of 2012

Favorite Position (in flag football): Blocker/release so I can push people around when I’m not hurt.

Championships: None. Will and Grays would have had one last year if Tim Walsh didn’t take me out in Week 3 of the season.

Favorite League Memory: I just love the camaraderie and bonding that I have watched form on my teams over the years. That really is how you meet your lifelong friends.

Most Memorable Team/Team Name (That You Were a Part Of): Casual Blackouts – The name speaks for itself after I blacked out on stage at my first “Meet Your Team Party” as a captain.

What Do You Do for Work: I am a supervisory examiner for NCUA – similar to FDIC.

Neighborhood You Live In: For now I live in Stoneham, MA, which is about 15 minutes north of the city… or as the gays would put it – in NH or Maine.

Where Are You From/Where’d You Go to School/College: I am from Malden and went to UMASS-Dartmouth.

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football: Travel to anywhere with a beach. #yolo; I also kick ass at drinking games.

Something Interesting About You: I am an avid cribbage player.

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You: Sensitive, silly, and sarcastic.

Two Truths and a Lie: I was born with blond hair; I have been to Hawaii; I played football in high school.

Something You Want the League to Know: I have two munchkin nephews that I adore and whom you might see running around. Do they not look like me with their fat cheeks?


Board Role/Title: Director of Rules and Referees

Years Served and in What Capacity: This is my second on the board, both in this role.  I have been the Head Referee for the league for the past six years.

Why Do You Serve on the Board: I wanted to give back and a do a bit more for a league that has given me so much. More specifically, I have really seen the growth and camaraderie amongst the ref crew over the last several years and I wanted to be a voice for them in the league. I wanted the whole crew to feel like they are a part of this community and have their voices heard. I was happy to be the person who stepped forward and represented the best team in the league!

Year You Joined the League: hmmm…2006?  Maybe 2007…a long time ago!

Favorite Position (in flag football):  Offensive Line when playing – Back Judge when reffing.

Championships: 5 rings baby!!  Oh, you meant me and not the Pats??

Favorite League Memory: Oh geez – so many!  The disappearing pucks in the M Street mud pit… The referee bloody mary bars are high up there…  There was that time that Tony Ardolino tried to save himself from the huge puddle by holding onto Dave Baggs and they both ended up in there, that was pretty funny! But the one memory that always stands out in my mind, and I tell the story over and over again, was the first time I met Ms. Henry Dalencour and ref’d her game. She went sauntering out there with her gold glitter shorts, barely long enough to cover her cute bum, and lined up as a receiver with the most faaaabulous pose I have ever seen on a wide receiver. I chuckled to myself and thought “lord, I love this league” and just then the ball was snapped and she went busting down the sideline like a steak of gold glitter lightning, caught the ball one handed, and took her go-go gadget arms and legs all the way to the end zone. I hear the other ref blow their whistle and then signal touchdown and I realized I hadn’t moved, as my chin was lying on the ground. I continue to love this moment so much because it truly is why I love this league. The destruction of barriers, labels, and preconceived notions is what makes us so powerful!

What Do You Do for Work: I am the Controller at UP Education Network, a nonprofit school management organization. We aim to rapidly transform chronically underperforming district schools into extraordinary schools; generally, in our most neglected neighborhoods.

Neighborhood You Live In: Roslindale

Where Are You From/Where’d You Go to School/College: I grew up in Upstate NY and went to undergrad at Hamilton College. I earned my MBA at Simmons College.

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football:  I am a mom to two of the greatest little beings that ever roamed the earth! They are my pride and joy and they make me smile, laugh, learn, and cry every day! They are my everything! [Editor’s Note: Kim also appreciates exclamation points].

Something Interesting About You:  I grew up in a very blue-collar family. I’m one of six kids and I was the first in my family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree as well as the first to get a master’s degree. I’m also the only kid to move out of NY state.  Sometimes I miss the calm and solitude of rural living and would love to own a cabin on a lake someday.

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You:

Loyal – Honest – Queen-Bee

Two Truths and a Lie:  I returned a fumble 95 yards for a TD when I played for the New England Intensity; I love 80’s hair band ballads; I used to participate in figure skating performances.

Something You Want the League to Know: Their words hurt! Haha! No, really… It is such a privilege to have been part of this league for the last 10 years. It has been such an integral part of my life, on and off the field, and I could not imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t responded to that email from Richard Moore so many years ago. I’d also like them to know that I am always happy to answer questions, take feedback or banter about reffing and rules. I love the game of football and it is a priority for me to continue to grow as an individual and as a reffing crew. I hope every single person in this league would be willing to reach out if they have questions or constructive criticism for me or the referees in general.


Board Role/Title: Director of Events

Years Served and in What Capacity: This is my first year serving on the Board.

Why Do You Serve on the Board: This league has given me so much over the years and I want to be able to give back to such a great organization and help continue to support it’s growth and influence in the Boston community.

Year You Joined the League: 2011

Favorite Position (in flag football): Rusher

Championships: None.

Favorite League Memory: My second season in the league, I was playing on the Kevin Lalli’s Mountain Dewds. It was our second Saturday playing and I had some really great pulls as a rusher. After the games, we were all at the Blarney celebrating our wins for the day. Kevin Lalli turned to me, after a couple of beers, and told me that how great I had played that day, as he hadn’t expected me to be any good. He said he only picked me because I had a nice smile. So that day I learned that I was not just a pretty face.

Most Memorable Team/Team Name (That You Were a Part Of): Chardon navies!!

What Do You Do for Work: Short answer – Human Resources. Long answer –  I lead the Organizational development’s Leadership and Capability for National Grid in the US. I work with business partners and leaders to assess and identify development opportunities and design solutions to develop leaders. So a lot of coaching…

Neighborhood You Live In: Dorchester

Where Are You From/Where’d You Go to School/College: Oklahoma, and – yes, every time I say that, someone has to break into the song.

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football: I love to travel and try to get away 3-4 times a year.

Something Interesting About You: I have really heavy accent after three glasses of wine.

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You: Scarlett, Blanche, Karen… oh you wanted words…vivacious, determined, direct and maybe lascivious.

Two Truths and a Lie: I worked 2 jobs to get through college, worked at a department store and taught kickboxing and step aerobics; my dad made me learn how to shoot a gun, change oil in my car, and change a tire because that’s what men do; I am a really shy person.

Something You Want the League to Know: [Editor’s Note: Kris neglected to provide an answer to this question, likely because you know everything about him if you’ve ever been around him when he is tipsy or, alternatively, if you have stood in a 500 foot radius of him on the football fields].


Board Role/Title: Assistant Commish #asscomm

Years Served and in What Capacity: This is my 5th year and I have served as Director of Rules/Refs, Play, Captains, and am now the Ass Comm.

Why Do You Serve on the Board: For me, it is about giving back and building a community that is welcoming and supportive to everyone both on and off the field

Year You Joined the League: 2007

Favorite Position (in flag football): I love playing on the line and releasing but I also love playing corner and knocking people around (all within 5 yards, Mikey Stef!)

Championships: 1 (see below).

Favorite League Memory: Winning the Super Fab Championship with the Maroon Marauders as a first year captain!

Most Memorable Team/Team Name (That You Were a Part Of): Forest Green Fire Starters– it wasn’t so much for the name or our record, but I got to be QB after our starter couldn’t play, and the experience that Dave Hamilton created when things weren’t going well on the fields was remarkable. He rallied the team off the field to have a great season and to form lasting relationships that are still in place today.

What Do You Do for Work: I work in Unified Communications…and out of respect for your time I wont elaborate any further.

Neighborhood You Live In: Dorchester

Where Are You From/Where’d You Go to School/College: I grew up north of Chicago but went to the University of Wisconsin – Madison for both Undergraduate and Graduate School.

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football: I’m an avid golfer in the summer. Some will question my spending time/money out on the course as my handicap never seems to go down but it gives me an excuse to smoke a good cigar and not return calls/texts/emails for a few hours without feeling guilty.

Something Interesting About You: I’ve been PADI certified for about 15 years and have been on over 100 dives around the world.

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You: Kind, compassionate, thoughtful.

Two Truths and a Lie: I was engaged to a woman; I’ve been skydiving; I’ve golfed with Michael Jordan.

Something You Want the League to Know: Painting lines on the field, early in the morning, is always a fun way to get some exercise and to really stretch those muscles to get ready for play… you should reach out to Mike and Paul and sign up for field painting!


Board Role/Title: Clerk; Director of Community Relations

Years Served and in What Capacity: 10th year on the Board; in previous years I’ve been Treasurer and Director of Events.

Why Do You Serve on the Board: As the league has grown during my years of involvement, I’ve enjoyed being part of a leadership team that has worked very thoughtfully to balance the desire to open our league to as many people as possible with maintaining the strong sense of community that has made ours such a special and vital organization — while simultaneously expanding our youth outreach through our college scholarship, field days, and new partnership with Camp Lightbulb. While decisions have not always been easy and at times tensions have surfaced – as they always will when passionate people approach situations with different styles and perspectives – I have relished this opportunity to be of service and treasure the friendship, love, and laughter that have characterized these nine-plus years on the board.

Year You Joined the League: 2007

Favorite Position (in flag football): I played wide receiver several games this past fall for the first time and enjoyed it immensely. Mobility issues had kept me on the line for years, so it was incredibly gratifying to be able to run!

Championships: 2: Man-on-Mandarin Orange (Fall 2013) and Royal Family Jewels (Fall 2016).

Favorite League Memory: Perhaps it was the large rainbow balloon arch we had delivered to M Street that made our first youth field day in 2011 a favorite memory. It was incredibly gratifying to see the league embrace this new initiative and the number of players eager to remain on the fields following their games to be part of this inaugural event.        

Most Memorable Team/Team Name (That You Were a Part Of): Given the memory-based aspect of this question and my aging brain – and the fact that a championship win would make it difficult to name a team other than this past fall’s Royal Family Jewels – there was something very special about our 2010 Plum Dumpsters (officially, the Violet Femmes) squad. I’ve never played with a group that continued to feel as much like a team long after the season ended… Dumpsters are everywhere! It was tough seeing other people wear Purple the following fall.

What Do You Do for Work: Teach 7th graders – invaluable preparation for being on the board.

Neighborhood You Live In: South End

Where Are You From/Where’d You Go to School/College: I was raised in Rye, New York, about 35 minutes north of Manhattan, went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!), and moved to Boston in 1998 for grad school at Harvard.

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football: I’ve just recently begun working out with kettlebells, and despite my initial skepticism and apprehension, I’ve become a huge fan!

Something Interesting About You: I’ll be traveling to Tanzania this summer to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, assuming my body – after four knee surgeries – doesn’t stand in the way. I won’t be playing football this spring, as my orthopedist said that my chances of summiting if I were to play would be nonexistent. I’m hoping he was simply trying to scare me, but I’ve begun to resign myself to the reality that my playing days are likely behind me.    

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You: to my face: Loyal, Witty, Dependable; behind my back: Exhausting, Tiresome, Sanctimonious

Two Truths and a Lie: (1) I saw Rent 20 times during its initial Broadway run; (2) I performed a song and dance for First Lady Barbara Bush; (3) I was selected to be an on-stage speller during a Broadway performance of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

Something You Want the League to Know: Kickball was a great idea in theory – and if everyone who indicated on the event page that they were attending actually showed up, we would have had plenty of people for two simultaneously-played games!


Board Role/Title: Director of Play

Years Served and in What Capacity: Three – Director of Events (2015), Director of Play (2016-present)

Why Do You Serve on the Board: I keep asking myself that same question. Seriously though, greater than 30% of my weekends per year are spent playing flag football. It is important to me to give back to a league that provides me with the opportunity to participate in athletics alongside some of my favorite individuals and to celebrate scoring touchdowns in the face of people I don’t really enjoy that much.

Year You Joined the League: Spring 2012 – our very last season played at M Street. For a while there, I kept expecting it to someday be the same as it was in the good ol’ days but this utterly overrated board is rather inept… you know, too preoccupied planning parties at “Game On” where those damn columns blocked the view of the people in the back of the room. I don’t believe for one second that they couldn’t have relocated those columns for a few hours.

Favorite Position (in flag football): Stick with what you do best… receiver.

Championships: Goose egg; however, I’m hoping to get picked to play on an unfairly stacked team in the near future.

Favorite League Memory: Any time Danny Tyrrell loses. (Kidding, sort of).

I am fortunate enough to have met my future husband through playing in the league. During my second fall season (2013), I first played against him in a regular season game after having been texted at 8AM by my captain and close friend, David Lopes, that our team was shorthanded and that I needed to come to the field immediately or we would have to forfeit (I had previously planned to miss that weekend to go out of town). I rushed to the field in an Uber, arrived approximately five minutes late – not showered and disheveled – and, of course, we had already forfeited the game, having had only 5 players at official start time (thank you, Dave Bruce). Despite my valiant and unselfish efforts, I still got yelled at by my quarterback for not being on time (thanks, Ken Dussinger) and we played the stupid a*# game anyway. That evening, I went to David’s house for an epic power hour and he assisted me in successfully Facebook stalking my future fiancé. After about 30 minutes of power hour, it’s likely that I mustered up enough courage to “poke” him. Later that season, after having gone on a few dates, I noticed that our teams were situated in the standings so that a meeting in the playoffs was likely. As we had only “scrimmaged” 7 on 6 in our first meeting, I was concerned that my intense personality on the field may scare him away and hoped that we didn’t get matched up against one another. Well, as fate would have it, we did. And he talked some serious shit beforehand. And then we beat the piss out of his team. And to really make a memorable impression, I threw him out of bounds on what should have been a PI call, or maybe even an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. He fell hard, didn’t catch the ball, and I sprinted away pretending nothing had happened. I guess he found that attractive. Happily ever after. The End.

Most Memorable Team/Team Name (That You Were a Part Of): S.M.U.R.F.S., which stood for “Suck My…” After our stud receiver Tom Stuart went down with a season ending injury, we were blessed with the addition of a hot mess in a crop top, now adoringly referred to by me as “H”, who turned out to be one of the best people I have met through the league (I mean, who doesn’t love Henry Dalencour, unless he’s your quarterback). Later in the 2013 playoffs, after steamrolling my fiancés garbage team, we were seeded against one of the top teams that year. We pulled within one point on the last play of the game, thanks to a heroic catch by yours truly that I thought was going to go down as the play of my career. Feeling rather inflated and like it was meant to be, we decided to go for two to win the game. We didn’t convert and lost, which means they probably cheated. I bet Mike Clisham was reffing that game and missed a game changing call.

What Do You Do for Work: I am a civil litigation attorney, specializing in employment discrimination and civil rights claims. Essentially, I argue with people on a daily basis and get paid to correct them when they make unintelligent remarks. It comes in handy when having to deal with Danny Tyrrell during board meetings.

Neighborhood You Live In: I live with the ol’ ball and chain in a townhouse located in the Adams Village/Cedar Grove/Lower Mills area of Dorchester. I live quite close to Kenneth Westermann but he rarely invites me over for dinner or drinks because he’s rude, unlike his best friend Thomas Stefanilo Salvoni, who is an absolute doll and a paradigm of hospitality.

Where Are You From/Where’d You Go to School/College: I was born in the Boston area, grew up in Southern Maine, went to boarding school at Phillips Exeter in NH, attended undergraduate and graduate school at Boston College, and went to law school at Northeastern.

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football: Often, I can be found holding my French bulldog’s face with two hands so he can’t turn away and smooching him repeatedly. I am also a big fan of Boston sports teams and dinner parties where I can pretend to be the Dowager Countess. Anything that involves good food, fine wine, and great company – I’m in. Tony Gale likes to tempt me with bottles of wine at team parties… he typically succeeds.

Something Interesting About You: In 2013, I read all 100 of the Greatest Novels of All Time. After that, I was depressed for many months and became convinced that life had no meaning, so now I stick to Netflix and chill.

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You: It depends on whether I have corrected their poor grammar or vocabulary usage yet that day. Positive-ish words? Generous, witty, caustic.

Two Truths and a Lie: I have a tattoo of the word “love” going down the side of my rib cage; I am the baby of five brothers and sisters; I was voted biggest flirt in high school.

Something You Want the League to Know: I have resting bitch face so there’s a real possibility that I don’t actually dislike you. In fact, I’ve been told by many that I’m far more sensitive than people expected me to be.


Board Role/Title: Treasurer

Years Served and in What Capacity: Director of Volunteerism from 2013-2015; Treasurer, 2016-Present

Why Do You Serve on the Board: Serving on the board is a great way for me to give back to the organization and people that have truly improved my life and made me a better person.

Year You Joined the League: Spring 2010

Favorite Position (in flag football): Rusher

Championships: 2015 Fall Champions – Pumpkin Spice Latgays

Favorite League Memory: On the field – my first touchdown… as I am usually on defense. Off the field – Receiving the first annual Volunteer of the Year Award.

Most Memorable Team/Team Name (That You Were a Part Of): Forest Or Against Us

What Do You Do for Work: I am a Manager in Talent Acquisition and Development for Banana Republic.

Neighborhood You Live In: Somerville, Winter Hill

Where Are You From/Where’d You Go to School/College: I am from Glastonbury, Connecticut and went to Glastonbury High School before attending the University of Connecticut.

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football: I enjoy volunteering and intimate gatherings with friends.

Something Interesting About You: I celebrated my 25th birthday in Lucerne, Switzerland.

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You: Loyal, compassionate, and honest

Two Truths and a Lie: I worked for a company for 19 years. My favorite drink is a nice tall microbrew draft. My middle name is Andrews.

Something You Want the League to Know: It is truly an honor to have been nominated twice for Blitzed at Blarney, particularly alongside such great fellow nominees.


Board Role/Title: My title this year is Director of League Operations & Branding. My role is being the token silent one among a band of misfits.

Years Served and in What Capacity: Director of Communications & Marketing and Registrar (2014–2016): Revamped appearance and functionality of eZones and website; created and launched The Locker—our online store—to help build our brand and generate more revenue; helped manage registration, draft, and waitlist; and spent countless hours creating graphics for my own amusement and then used them for league communications. Director of League Operations & Branding (2017–): Continuing to grow the league’s brand, developing ways to improve on and off field experience, providing support for all board members, and other behind-the-scenes responsibilities. [Editor’s Note: Like doing Adam Vavrek’s job for him].

Why Do You Serve on the Board: Before joining FLAG Flag Football, I was a painfully shy, nonathletic, mumbling introvert. Ok, perhaps I still am. However, the league welcomed, embraced, and empowered me and, from that, I’ve grown personally and professionally. I’ve become more accepting of others and of myself—a struggle that’s been hard fought. The league that has given so much to me, and serving on the Board provides me with an opportunity to give back. While being on the Board is often a thankless job, it is also incredibly rewarding. There are so many people who whose lives have been truly affected and changed by the league and it’s an honor to help carry out its mission.

Year You Joined the League: I joined the league in Spring 2012. Since I was never an athlete, I had reservations about playing. The spring season used to be weekly pick-up games and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try it out without committing myself to playing a full season. Of course, that just so happened to be the same year they changed the format of the spring season and structured it like the fall. My plan had been foiled. Five years later, I’m still here and enjoying (almost) every minute of it.

Favorite Position (in flag football): Center/blocker—snapping the ball to a certain male model/quarterback had its perks. HEY-O!!! Ironically, I also enjoy handling “the box” (on the sidelines). It forces you to pay attention to the game and you can learn a lot by standing alongside the refs. [Editor’s Note: unless it’s Mike Clisham].

Championships: Unfortunately, none of my teams have ever advanced passed the second round during the tournaments. Hopefully, this information is shared after the draft.

Favorite League Memory: My all-time favorite memory is when I caught my first touchdown. It didn’t happen until my FIFTH season, so it was a big-effing-deal. It was towards the end of the 2014 spring season and we were playing on Field 1. I blocked, released, and ran to the end zone. As I turned around, I saw the ball coming my direction. My first reaction was “Oh, sh*t. It’s coming to me.” The ball looked like it was going to go way over my head, so I jumped as high as I could and reached for the clouds. There was pretty much no chance I was going to catch it, but I tried and, somehow, I did. When I landed with the ball in my hands, my whole team cheered. They were probably just as surprised as I was. I looked around at all my proud teammates and then noticed a yellow flag had been thrown near the crooked sideline. [Editor’s Note: Marc Lewis probably painted that crooked sideline]. There was a penalty called against my team and the touchdown…my first touchdown… Did. Not. Count. To be honest, it didn’t matter. It was one of those moments when you truly feel what the league is all about and that is what made the moment so special. P.S. A huge shout-out to that ref for making that memory possible. (wink, wink!).

Most Memorable Team/Team Name (That You Were a Part Of): The most memorable team name is Nickel Minaj. It wasn’t our original team name, but someone (one of our more outspoken players) campaigned for it the entire first day of games until he convinced us all to change it. I’m not even sure what our name was supposed to be. If not for his persistence, there would never have been the inspiration for the 14-foot Nickel Minaj.

What Do You Do for Work: I’m a graphic designer for the planning & urban design division at an architecture firm. I also take on freelance projects as time allows.

Neighborhood You Live In: Somerville

Where Are You From/Where’d You Go to School/College: I’m from Glastonbury, CT—a small suburb smack-dab-in-the-middle of the state. I went to UConn, where I majored in Elementary Education and Psychology. My time there was brief, though. I had always been interested in designing buildings—inside and out—so I packed up my bags, moved to Boston, and attended the Boston Architecture College to study Architecture and Interior Design. After four years at the BAC, I realized I enjoyed designing the presentations more than the buildings themselves. My career path was redirected once again and I continued my studies in Graphic Design at MassArt and the Art Institute.

Something You Do for Fun Outside of Flag Football: I enjoy home improvement projects. It’s nearly impossible for me to run in and out of Home Depot. Regardless of what I’m there for, I need to walk through the whole store and look at random things. I could spend hours there. Oh wait, I do.

Something Interesting About You: I can say the alphabet sdrawkcab.

What Are Three Words Your Friends Would Use to Describe You: Patrick’s brother / Quiet

Two Truths and a Lie: To help pay for college, I used to preform as a drag queen at the Polo Club in Hartford. My stage name was Anita Greencard. I go back occasionally to perform. However, I’m now known as Gotta Greencard; The last person who contacted me on a dating website was a lesbian couple. They were interested in having a baby with me. We met up for coffee, but realized we weren’t a good match for a co-parenting relationship. The coffee was good though; I hated my first job in Boston and quit on the second day without any notice. The very next day I was invited to interview for a new job. It turned out the office was two doors down from where I had just left. I’ve been with the same company ever since. It’s been 18 years—one year shy of half my life.

Something You Want the League to Know: We’re bringing back Field 6! Mic drop.