Award Recipients

Over the years, our league has created several awards to help recognize exceptional individuals affiliated with FLAG Flag Football who demonstrate their commitment to our league and community. These awards are presented at our year-end party following the Super Fabulous Bowl in November.


Robert Saurer Founders Award

Exemplifying Leadership and Sportspersonship

awardwinners_hamiltonDave Hamilton, 2017 awardwinners_walshTim Walsh, 2016 AwardWinners_CrosbyMax Crosby, 2015
AwardWinners_MuthJason Muth, 2014 AwardWinners_AmesKarl Ames, 2013 AwardWinners_HerrigKim Herrig, 2012
AwardWinners_JacobsSteve Jacobs, 2011 AwardWinners_LoveJohn Love, 2010 AwardWinners_PiphoNathan Pipho, 2009
AwardWinners_TaggartJohn Taggart, 2008 AwardWinners_BacigalupoPaul Bacigalupo, 2007 AwardWinners_KozuchMichael Kozuch, 2006
AwardWinners_CrockerJimmy Crocker, 2005 AwardWinners_GoughanMeghan Goughan, 2004


Gary Sherr Service Award

Exemplifying Contribution and Commitment

awardwinners_bruceDavid Bruce, 2017 awardwinners_davinoMarc Davino, 2016 AwardWinners_Sutkowski2Kathy Sutkowski, 2015
AwardWinners_BeanErnie Bean, 2014 AwardWinners_VaccaroTony Vaccaro, 2013 AwardWinners_LopesDavid Lopes, 2012
AwardWinners_ClawsonPhil Clawson, 2011 AwardWinners_SherrGary Sherr, 2010


Ally Award

Recognizing advocacy and support of the LGBT community

awardwinners_PakhladzhyanGreg Pakky, 2017 awardwinners_lucertoMichael Lucerto, 2016 AwardWinners_SanchezJoel Sanchez, 2015
AwardWinners_PriscoJill Prisco, 2014 AwardWinners_SandmanVictor Sandman, 2013 AwardWinners_HaasCraig Haas, 2012
AwardWinners_DussingerKen Dussinger, 2011


Volunteer of the Year Award

Recognizing exceptional and selfless service for organizations the league is partnered with

awardwinners_mulfordDavid Mulford, 2017 awardwinners_vavrekAdam Vavrek, 2016 AwardWinners_CarrBilly Carr, 2015
AwardWinners_SutkowskiKathy Sutkowski, 2014 AwardWinners_Santos2Paul Santos, 2013 AwardWinners_Santos1Patrick, Santos, 2012